Creating solutions today, for tomorrow.

European Healthcare Investors is an investment company with a combined experience of over 100 years in real estate transactions, property development, financing structures and listing transactions. We focus on creating value for international institutional investors who believe in the day after tomorrow.

Our believes make any investment more sustainable

We want to create a better and more sustainable world by investing in sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and people that need care. We have a specialized team of experts with specific knowledge and expertise when it comes to living solutions for the older generations. With this team, we advise en help listen Healthcare and Living Reit’s to realize sustainable healthcare institutions while generating income by inverting in real estate.

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There is always a solid solution to finance your plans

Tomorrow is the reason why we focus on developing and revitalizing real estate that is healthcare related. We invest in ground positions, existing properties and projects that find themselves already in a development and/or implementation phase. In this way, we can involve potential healthcare organizations or operators already at an early stage.

We want to let healthcare organizations do what they do best. We therefore take away financial concerns by taking over the financing of existing buildings. We do this via thorough refinancing processes that create funds for renovation and expansion or modernization of facilities. Of course, with the focus on tomorrow, by making buildings more sustainable.

Basically, we create total solutions without any hassle. We can help healthcare institutions from the drawing board. We do this until the completion of the project and even years afterwards. Based on our expertise, we can take the entire development, construction and operation out of your hands. With, of course, a solid financing plan of the entire process and project.

Our rules of engagement

We operate by following strict rules of engagement to ensure solid investments in healthcare and real estate. To make our world go round, we create better environments and climates to live in. That is the reason why we initially purchase existing healthcare properties ourselves to recreate and ensure optimized legal and functional structures to secure investments efficiently, fiscally and administratively.

Due to our long history, we know that we create a perfect match between investments, objects, institutions and (listed) institutional investors. Because of this, everyone can focus on their core business. In this way, we take care of everything that should be taken care of.

'We go beyond our investments. We add value by fulfilling our role as an innovator in healthcare real estate through sustainable solutions that matter.'

Acquisition, restructuring and development of healthcare real estate in the broadest sense of the word (from nursing homes to laboratories, parking facilities and office space with healthcare-related tenants). The restructuring can take place in the area of Real Estate itself as well as in the related leases, facilities and services.

In the near future we will develop, independent living with service-oriented care in even more varieties, each geared to its specific target group. The added value we create for our clients, is the delivery of real estate properties that are ready for investment within the (listed) funds with a horizon of at least 15 years, but in real live often 20-30 years.


This means that we:

  • Delivering good quality property
  • The investment is ready for a long term hold strategy
  • Long leases
  • Solvent tenants
  • Buildings with multifunctional use within the concept of care/living
  • Real estate with a high degree of energy efficiency and certification

Since our organization is small and compact, we’re personally involved in all our projects. We’re therefore actually sitting ‘at the table’ ourselves. We immerse ourselves because we want to know what drives people professionally and preferably also personally. We want to learn from them and discover their needs in order to make them perform better tomorrow.

We understand the needs of people who stay, reside, care or manage healthcare. We know what we are going to build on, what is necessary in terms of content and how we are going to achieve ‘the dot’ they have put on the horizon. Even if that means that things need to be ’turned around’ and changed.

For that reason, a personal direct relationship with healthcare operators is very important to us.

-Marcel Calame, Founder